Scandinavian clubs include all clubs in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland.

While these clubs, might not be as well-known as English, Spanish, or German clubs, they have their own history and lore and are well-known in this region of the world at least.

So, let’s figure out which of these clubs are the best in Scandinavia in terms of winning trophies, history, and importance!

Here is the list of the best football clubs in all of Scandinavia!

FC Copenhagen

Kbenhavnsk fodboldklub was created in 1992 as a partnership between 15-time Danish football champions Kjbenhavns Boldklub (KB) and seven-time Danish football champions Boldklubben 1903, both of which are headquartered in Frederiksberg and Gentofte, respectively.

KB is a well-known team that dominated the Danish amateur league in the 1910s, while B1903 was also a notable Danish club for many years.

FC Copenhagen won the Danish championship the next season after its establishment, but it took them till the new millennium to completely dominate the Danish league, winning seven league titles in the 2000s with two double champions.

The club also won the Royal League twice.


Rosenborg Ballklub is one of the finest Scandinavian clubs of the contemporary age, as well as one of the best Norwegian clubs of all time.

Sportsklubben Odd was created in 1917 by twelve young men from Rosenborg in Trondheim and was renamed Sportsklubben Odd in 1928. They were promoted to the highest level of Norwegian football in 1960 but were demoted to the 2nd Division in the meantime, where they played from 1963 to 1966. They might, however, win their first Norwegian league as soon as they were promoted to the top level in 1967. Rosenborg has dominated Norwegian football over the previous two decades, holding the record for the most consecutive victories (13), the most double champions (seven), and eleven appearances in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

FF Malmo

Prior to Allsvenskan, the club’s status was not of the highest caliber. They were admitted to the league for the first time in 1931 and won their first title in 1944.

In the 1970s, Malmo dominated the Swedish league, winning five Allsvenskan and five Swedish cups, and became the only team from the Nordic to ever reach the European Cup final match in 1979, which is considered the most crucial moment in the club’s history.

FF Malmo holds the record for the most Allsvenskan, Swedish Cup, and Swedish double champions, having won all three titles seven times.

The club also retains the record for the longest undefeated streak in Swedish league history, with 49 games between 1949 and 1951.

IFK Göteborg

IFK Göteborg, the greatest Scandinavian club of all time, was founded in 1904 at Café Olivedal. In 1934–35, IFK won their first Allsvenskan title.

The club’s most illustrious eras are the 1980s and 1990s when they won 10 Swedish championships and, most notably, the UEFA Cup twice in the 1980s.

They won the treble on the basis of the UEFA Cup in 1982, becoming one of only four clubs in history to accomplish so.

This means that IFK Gothenburg is the only Nordic club to have ever won a European crown, and when the tremendous achievement in the European Cup is considered, IFK is unquestionably the most successful Nordic club in European competition history.